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(Last Updated On: September 9, 2020)
Sudio is a Swedish brand. I believe many friends who like music, especially female friends, are familiar with and like her “ETT” (I call her “ETT”because I also like her very much, she looks like a lovely princess ) Fresh style, fashionable colors, and a very kawaii design overall. ETT is the first TWS-ANC product that developed by our HeShengCheng (Long Bright) technical team. It took 6 months from development to production. Of course, she has also received unanimous praise from many audio enthusiasts, and we are very pleased. In the time span, in the field of TWS-ANC, her birth was only later than 3 products (AirPods Pro; Liberate TRACK Air; SONYWF-1000XM3) Sudio’s colleagues gave ETT a beautiful and cute appearance very carefully (I even thought that ETT was specially designed by the ID engineer for his lovely girlfriend) For her inner beauty, and let her has a “good voice” and good sound quality. The front earphone cavity of ETT needs to meet the ANC requirements of acoustics, and can be equipped with a high-quality speaker structure, so it took us 1 month in the cavity development process. Design, sample verification ANC, modify design, verify ANC effect, finally debug ANC “25DB, and can hear magnetic bass. In order to allow her to integrate the AI ​​intelligent noise reduction algorithm ENC to achieve the perfect separation of human voice and noise; in order to allow her to call and chat with friends on the dance floor; in order to realize the functions of ANC MIC and ENC MIC in a limited structural space. At the same time, in order for her cute little princess to become a dual noise reduction product (ANC+ENC), our LBE+HSC hardware design team took 2 months to optimize 5 hardware versions before and after, and finally use the method of hard board + FPC to complete Hardware design (painful repeated verification process). While achieving the effect of noise reduction in calls, it is necessary to take into account the VOICEx running score and subjective experience. (2019 is a difficult problem in this type of program, and in 2020 we have found a better way). In order to achieve a good call effect in the subway environment, the algorithm team continuously tested and optimized dozens of versions. I finally found an ideal solution that is relatively balanced between environmental noise reduction and vocal reproduction. In terms of electronic solutions, the main chip of this product is the latest BES2300ZP produced by BES. This chip is the world’s most advanced BT+ANC SOC solution. Only with 28nm HKMG CMOS technology and the most integrated BGA4.5*6.2 packaging technology can the product’s miniaturization design be realized. It supports BES own patented FWS full wireless stereo technology, which will transmit power to 12dbm and receive sensitivity -96dbm, providing users with the best signal and anti-interference experience without conflicting with the AIRPODS patent. BES2300ZP is equipped with CM4F dual-core CPU with a main frequency of up to 300MHz, Ram 992k, and flash 2MB. With the efforts of all engineers, ETT has experienced 3 months of careful care and growth on the production line. Every process, unprecedented precision production. The latest ANC testing and debugging equipment will be fully tested , “Her” finally went to the world ,reaching the hands of many friends. I hope that friends who wear ETT can exchange experiences with us, and friends who like this kind of products can discuss with us. More similar TWS are growing, and they need more user experience and improve themselves.

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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2020) Everyone knows that TWS headsets have become popular all


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