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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2020)

Everyone knows that TWS headsets have become popular all over the world in the past two years. The main reason is the release of Apple’s TWS, allowing everyone to see a new and different TWS.

What is the difference for TWS? I believe that you have seen the disassembly of TWS headsets. Today I will summarize for you based on my past years of experience (the product pictures involved in the article are all products jointly designed by our company, and third-party friends should not plagiarize at will. Violate its ownership)

ID (complete mold) as shown in the figure: a pair of TWS, roughly divided into the following kits in a set of molds:
1. upper cover; 2. lower cover; 3. upper inner support; 4. lower inner support; 5. earphone front cavity; 6. earphone middle shell; 7. earphone back cover; (the front, middle and back of the earphone can generally be symmetrical, and the left and right ears share a mold , Or separate left and right ears with a mold each) 8. earphone inner support; 9. upper and lower cover loose leaf; 10. decorative accessories.
In different ID designs, there may be different collocations, but for a TWS with a relatively reasonable design, it is generally composed of 8-12 molds. So it seems that a small & simple pair of TWS is actually required for mold that Very high and fine. Especially in ANC/ENC functional products, the requirements are more rigorous and refined. The requirements for mold factories are also higher. High-end TWS has very strict requirements for fit and tightness in ANC/ENC sound quality and other requirements. Ordinary mold design cannot meet the corresponding technical requirements. Secondly, the structure of the human ear and the comfort of wearing (for different countries, different genders, and different body types) require various structural designs and different silicone ear caps (commonly known as silicone earplugs).

A TWS, the main component is PCBA:

PCBA part: There are 2-4 designs according to different products. (Simple charging compartment PCBA + headphone motherboard PCBA) (or increase soft board FPC + charging port Tpye-C). According to the different functions and requirements of TWS, different PCBA solutions are designed accordingly. As TWS product functions have become more diversified in recent years, product performance has become more sophisticated, and PCBA design has become more complex.
★In the ID design process of TWS, it is necessary to combine PCBA + mold ID at the same time, communicate and cooperate with each other at the same time, in order to effectively design a high-quality TWS product (function realization, reasonable assembly).

TWS lithium battery

In a pair of TWS headphones, 3 lithium batteries are required. A large-capacity backup lithium battery in the charging compartment; a lithium battery for power supply is used for the left and right earphones. In terms of appearance, there are three types;
1: Button type 2: Square 3: Cylindrical
Depending on the structure of the headset design, different shapes of lithium batteries can be selected. The performance of lithium batteries corresponds to different parameters for different shapes. Although the energy density carried by the anode and cathode materials of lithium batteries produced by different manufacturers is not much different, the output lithium battery parameters are also uneven for different manufacturing processes.
There are several conventional speakers in the market: 1: Ordinary 2: Composite diaphragm horn 3: Moving coil horn 4: Moving iron horn 5: Ring iron combination horn In the speaker size, the diameter of the speaker is also from 6mm-13mm, which are the mainstream sizes currently used by various manufacturers.


A small TWS Bluetooth headset contains 30 to 40 small components. TWS is becoming more and more refined and more functions, such as music, calls, games, ANC/ENC, and future IA Bluetooth headset and so on. The requirements for TWS solutions and assembly plants are becoming more and more stringent. Focusing on quality and R&D is the highway for TWS to move into the future.

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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2020) Everyone knows that TWS headsets have become popular all


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